Instructions for getting started

User friendly instructions are provided to help you get up and running.

Orchid species index

A summary exists of each record type. From here you can View View entry , Edit Edit entry and Delete Delete entry existing records, as well as Create Delete entry new ones.

Note the straightforward navigation controls under 'My Records' in the right hand pane. These are presented to you the same way, no matter where you are within your application.

Orchid species record

Details of each record appear as per the species record shown here, including all related pictures. You can upload pictures for any species, specimen or contact.

Orchid specimen purchase

Creating a new transaction record. Note that hints are present below fields where further explanation may be needed.

Contact record

Records are edited through screens similar to those used to create records. A contact record is being edited here.

User friendly validation message

Clear, informative error messages are displayed, when required. Note that validation rules are only applied when a very good reason exists. Our general philosophy is that you should be free to use the product how you see fit as everyone's needs will be different.

Adding a custom value to a field

The 'Custom Fields' facility can be used to add to the default selections in many fields throughout OrchidGuru.

OrchidGuru software application purchase page

If you choose to upgrade to a full membership, your payment will be processed through Paypal's secure, trusted payment processing facility. Note that the option to pay directly by Credit Card is provided. Your financial details are never seen by OrchidGuru and are handled by specialists in secure payment processing.

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